alcohol tax

A coalition of grocery and alcohol retail associations are asking an attorney to investigate Kentucky’s local taxes related to alcohol sales. 

The Commonwealth's cities and counties levy wholesale and retail alcohol-related taxes. Consumers pay a regulatory tax on each alcoholic purchase they make. 

Princeton Mayor Discusses Alcohol Tax Revenue

Jul 29, 2013

Princeton officials say much of the city’s alcohol tax revenue is going toward administrative costs that have come from what they call the state’s complicated revenue laws.

Mayor Gale Cherry says since the city legalized alcohol sales last November, the city's eighteen licensed sellers have sold about one-point-three million dollars worth of alcohol. 

Individuals can start applying for packaged liquor licenses in Murray. City Council members passed the second reading of the alcohol ordinance last night in an 8 to 3 vote. Residents voted in July to move from liquor by the drink sales at restaurants to a fully wet city. The ordinance sets an 8 percent regulatory tax for both restaurants and packaged stores. Hours of operation are 6 AM to midnight, and Sunday sales are prohibited.