After a tense debate and a tied vote decided by Mayor Bill Wells, Murray’s four taverns will stay open until 1:30 a.m.

The vote came on the second reading of an ordinance to update Murray’s alcohol beverage controls to meet state standards. Councilman Greg Taylor moved to amend the proposal to keep a midnight cap on the sale of alcohol.

Princeton Mayor Discusses Alcohol Tax Revenue

Jul 29, 2013

Princeton officials say much of the city’s alcohol tax revenue is going toward administrative costs that have come from what they call the state’s complicated revenue laws.

Mayor Gale Cherry says since the city legalized alcohol sales last November, the city's eighteen licensed sellers have sold about one-point-three million dollars worth of alcohol. 


Lyon County residents have an alcohol referendum scheduled for Jan. 15. Judge Executive Wade White says the petition to bring alcohol to the county began in May and was turned in Nov. 2 with around 650 signatures. Only 579 were required.