Afternoon Update

Afternoon Update
4:10 pm
Wed May 2, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 5/2/12

Davey 88 wikimedia commons

Today on NPR: Known as "the spray man," 23-year-old Nour Hatem Zahra helped organize protests and spray-painted anti-government slogans around Damascus, the Syrian capital. He died this week after security forces shot him. Hundreds of mourners attended his funeral.


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Afternoon Update
4:22 pm
Tue May 1, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 5/1/12

Cover to early edition of Jump Jim Crow sheet music
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia wikimedia commons

Today on NPR: Michigan's new Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia is using the ugliness of racism to teach a lesson of acceptance.



The director of the controversial documentary “Bully” will be in Paducah Friday to screen his film at Maiden Alley Cinema.

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Afternoon Update
4:10 pm
Fri April 27, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 4/27/12

Beijing Patrol from US wikimedia commons

Today on NPR:  Chen Guangcheng is one of China's best-known activists for his fight against forced abortions. Security forces had been stationed outside his house for 18 months, but he managed to escape despite being blind. His exact whereabouts are unknown, but supporters say he's safe.

Kentucky Legislation:

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Afternoon Update
4:30 pm
Thu April 26, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 4/26/12

Shay Sowden wikimedia commons

Today on NPR: It's been 20 years since Los Angeles erupted in riots after the acquittal of four white police officers in the beating of black motorist Rodney King. The city has seen a lot of changes since then, but the police department has undergone an outright transformation.

Around the Commonwealth:

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Afternoon Update
4:26 pm
Wed April 25, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 4/25/12

Wikimedia Commons

Today on NPR: The Supreme Court heard initial arguments on Arizona's immigration law and it seems like the Copper state is safe.


Jackson Purchase:

Elderly and Disabled Hopkins County residents can now opt out of firefighter dues permanently instead of notifying the county each year.

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Afternoon Update
4:34 pm
Tue April 24, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 4/24/12

Richard Wheeler wikimedia commons

Today on NPR: Missouri teen Maura Pozek has gotten a reputation for the unusual dresses she makes. Her first material was Doritos bags. Then it was soda can tabs. This year, she says, "I had to top myself somehow."


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Afternoon Update
4:43 pm
Mon April 23, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 4/23/12

Collin Harvey wikimedia commons

Today on NPR:  The California Taco Trail: 'How Mexican Food Conquered America'

Around our Region:

Hopkinsville’s mayor says he thinks it’s time to join other major Kentucky cities in banning smoking indoors in public.

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Afternoon Update
4:25 pm
Thu April 19, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 4/19/12

Today on NPR: What is up with all the red pants lately?


State Legislation:

Kentucky Senate President David Williams says Governor Steve Beshear’s latest action on the state road plan will not lead to an extended special session.

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Afternoon Update
4:28 pm
Wed April 18, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 4/18/12

Fellow rappers Dr. Dre (left) and Snoop Dogg (right) perform at Coachella alongside a hologram of the late Tupac Shakur.

Today on NPR:  How That Tupac Hologram At Coachella Worked


Governor Bill Haslam is expressing reservations about a bill seeking to cap the number of foreigners working at Tennessee charter schools.

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Afternoon Update
4:46 pm
Mon April 16, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 4/16/12

wikimedia commons

Today on NPR: What happens in Vegas... gets you fired.

At a sometimes heated hearing today where members of the House got to express outrage about the excessive and wasteful spending by officials from the General Services Administration during a 2010 conference in Las Vegas, the man at the center of the scandal refused to testify.

And now... news from the Four Rivers Region:

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