2014 budget

KCEP Head Says State Budget Inadequate

Apr 3, 2014
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The director of one of Kentucky’s leading non-profit economic policy think tanks says the recently-passed state budget fails to address the state’s revenue problem.

Highlights of the Kentucky State Budget Compromise

Mar 31, 2014


State House and Senate leaders have agreed on the details of a $20.3 billion biennial state budget that largely preserves Gov. Steve Beshear's intention to restore funding for K-12 education. A final vote on the plan is expected late Monday night.

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Provisions to block state money from being used on Kentucky's implementation of the Affordable Care Act will remain in the budget agreement reached over the weekend by state lawmakers. Sparring between House Democrats and Senate Republicans over the ACA dominated negotiations.

The ACA covers the costs of implementation through 2017, after which the tab will be split with the state.

Now, Senate President Robert Stivers says lawmakers will send the governor a budget that blocks general funds from going toward the state's health insurance exchange, Kynect, and the expansion of Medicaid. Stivers acknowledges that much of the heated debate over the ACA was "political theater."