Weekend Energy

Saturday 11 p.m. - 1 a.m.
"Matt McG"
Matt Markgraf

Tune in Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. for two hours of the best techno, dance and electronica from around the world. Look no further for heavy bass, wicked beats and a high dose of audio caffeine. It's the loudest show on public radio!

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June 15, 2013

11:00 PM
Razor Blade Lemonade
Artist : Astronomar
Album : Razor Blade Lemonade
Label : Razor Blade Lemonade
11:03 PM
T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Funky) JFB Remix
Artist : Ruckus Roboticus, Spanky Wilson
Album : T.G.I.F. (Thank God It's Funky)
Label : Ruckus Roboticus
11:08 PM
Just Blow
Artist : DJ Hero
Album : Necessary Ingredients
Label : Ground Level Records Limited
11:11 PM
Man Turns Animal (Purejunk WTF! Mix)
Artist : Skeewiff
Album : Man Turns Animal Remixed
Label : Pedigree Cuts Ltd.
11:15 PM
Artist : New Navy
Album : Uluwatu
Label : Future Classic
11:18 PM
Next Year (RAC Remix)
Artist : Two Door Cinema Club
Album : Next Year - EP
Label : Two Door Cinema Club
11:23 PM
Artist : WIN WIN
Album : WIN WIN
Label : VICE Music Inc.
11:27 PM
Space Threat (Work It)
Artist : Pyramyth
Album : Space Threat (Work It)
Label : Pyramyth
11:31 PM
Brainvision MMXIII
Artist : Justice
Album : Ed Rec. Vol. X
Label : Ed Banger Records
11:36 PM
Stop the Rain
Artist : Rocket Pimp, Mariet
Album : Stop the Rain
Label : DUSTLA
11:41 PM
Leave Me Alone (Simon Patterson Remix)
Artist : Neelix
Album : Leave Me Alone Remix
Label : Perfecto Fluoro
11:48 PM
I Didn’t Believe (feat. Elizabeth Rose) Lou Teti Remix
Artist : Flight Facilities
Album : I Didn't Believe (feat. Ezliabeth Rose) EP
Label : Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC
11:52 PM
Holding On
Artist : Classixx
Album : Holding On Single
Label : Innovative Leisure Records
11:57 PM
Caribbean Heat
Artist : Samples
Album : An-ten-nae Presents Acid Crunk Vol. 2
Label : Muti Music
12:00 AM
City Boy (Kks Remix)
Artist : White Arrows
Album : City Boy (Kks Remix) - Single
Label : White Arrows Music
12:04 AM
Artist : Catcall
Album : Satellites - Single
Label : Ivy League Records
12:08 AM
The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)
Artist : Passion Pit
Album : The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix) - Single
Label : French Kiss Records
12:13 AM
Into The Beat
Artist : Caotico
Album : Sunrise Confessions
Label : Bassline Music/FTW Music Group
12:17 AM
Jane Doe
Artist : Rebecca & Fiona
Album : Jane Doe - Remixes
Label : Universal Music
12:20 AM
Devil’s Touch
Artist : autoKratz
Album : Devil's Touch - Single
Label : Bad Life
12:24 AM
Artist : Smallpools
Album : Dreaming - Single
Label : Smallpools
12:28 AM
Pieces of Light
Artist : Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, Jonny Rose
Album : Pieces of Light - Single
Label : Triple V Music
12:31 AM
Fire In Your New Shoes (Innerpartysystem Radio Edit)
Artist : Kaskade, Martina of Dragonette
Album : Fire In Your New Shoes - Remix
Label : Ultra Records, Inc.
12:35 AM
Ready for the World
Artist : Kissy Sell Out, Machines Don’t Care, Eliot Chapman
Album : Ready for the World
Label : San City High Records
12:38 AM
Eskimo Boy
Artist : Strange Talk
Album : Strange Talk - EP
Label : Wind-up Records, LLC
12:42 AM
For the show (Familjen Remix)
Artist : Navet
Album : For the show
Label : Nomethod Records
12:46 AM
One in a Million
Artist : Data
Album : Skywriter
Label : Ekler'o'shock
12:50 AM
Artist : Mille
Album : Crysteena
Label : Neon Gold
12:55 AM
Youth (Adventure Club Remix)
Artist : The Foxes
Album : Youth (Adventure Club Remix)
Label : Foxes
12:58 AM
Song 2 (Original Edit Mix)
Artist : Criminal Vibes
Album : Song 2
Label : Loudbit Records
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