Retro Cocktail Hour

Fridays at 11pm

Featuring Space Age, Pop, Bachelor Pad music, Exotica, Lounge music and Cocktail Jazz. From their Facebook page: The Retro Cocktail Hour serves up the music that's "shaken, not stirred" every Saturday at 7:00pm Central on Kansas Public Radio stations. Pour the Mai Tais and join in for two hours of exotica, crime jazz, bossa nova, Now Sound, space age pop, groovy soundtracks, Bollywood weirdness and other incredibly strange tunes. Hosted by Darrell Brogdon. Visit to stream shows from our program archive.

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September 14, 2012

11:01 PM
Koo Koo Mambo
Artist : Sonny Burke and his Orchestra
Album : Mambo Jambo
Label : Decca
11:05 PM
I Love to Mambo
Artist : Edmundo Ros and his Orchestra
Album : Vaba-Ba-Boom
Label : Eclipse
11:09 PM
Artist : Les Baxter and his Orchestra
Album : The Ritual of the Savage
Label : Rev-Ola
11:12 PM
Armando’s Hideaway
Artist : Cal Tjader
Album : Los Ritmos Calientes
Label : Fantasy
11:15 PM
Freeway Mambo
Artist : Frankie Ortega Trio/Sy Oliver and his Orchestra
Album : 77 Sunset Strip
Label : Jubilee
11:19 PM
Artist : The Frankie Ortega Trio
Album : The Frankie Ortega Trio at the Embers
Label : Jubilee
11:22 PM
The Moon Was Yellow
Artist : Warren Barker and his Orchestra
Album : Music of Desire
Label : Warner Bros.
11:24 PM
Artist : Martin Denny
Album : Forbidden Island/Primitiva
Label : Scamp
11:28 PM
Quiet Village
Artist : Henry Mancini Orchestra and Chorus
Album : Music of Hawaii
Label : RCA
11:32 PM
Terre Exotique
Artist : Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica
Album : Third River Rangoon
Label : Tiki
11:36 PM
Angelitos Negros
Artist : Eartha Kitt
Album : RCA Victor Presents Eartha Kitt
Label : RCA
11:41 PM
Artist : Stan Kenton and his Orchestra
Album : The Kenton Touch - Portraits in Strings
Label : Hallmark
11:45 PM
Artist : Wini Beatty
Album : n/a
Label : Key
11:48 PM
Train Yard
Artist : Ronald Stein
Album : Mad, Mod, and Macabre: The Ronald Stein Collection
Label : Percepto
11:51 PM
Two Down, One to Go
Artist : Leith Stevens
Album : Hell to Eternity OST
Label : Warwick
11:54 PM
Session at Pete’s Pad
Artist : The Video All Stars
Album : TV Jazz Themes
Label : Somerset
12:03 AM
Burke’s Law Theme
Artist : Herschel Burke Gilbert
Album : Burke's Law OST
Label : Harkit
12:07 AM
The Creeper
Artist : Jimmy Smith
Album : Monster
Label : Verve
12:12 AM
Un vaso de whisky
Artist : Jose Sola
Album : Jazz en el Cine Negro Espanol
Label : Fresh Sound
12:18 AM
The Syndicate
Artist : Roby Poitevin
Album : A.D3 Operazione Squalo Bianco OST
Label : GDM
12:21 AM
7 Uomini d’Oro/Il Grande Colpo dei
Artist : Armando Trovaioli/I Cantori Moderni
Album : 7 Uomini d'Oro OST
Label : Cam
12:23 AM
Space Bossa
Artist : Nico Fidenco
Album : 2+5 Missione Hydra OST
Label : Digitmovies
12:26 AM
Rio After dark
Artist : Lalo Schifrin and his Orchestra
Album : Piano, Strings, and Bossa Nova
Label : MGM
12:28 AM
Cool Night
Artist : Heinz Kiessling and his Orchestra
Album : Days of Summer
Label : Brigade Mondaine
12:33 AM
Agent Latino
Artist : Daniele Benati
Album : Special Agent 00X
Label : Primrose
12:35 AM
Secret Mambo
Artist : Cocktail Angst
Album : Cocktail Angst
Label :
12:41 AM
Jet Set
Artist : Dave Pike
Album : Jazz for the Jet Set
Label : Atlantic
12:47 AM
Swingin’ Stampede
Artist : 101 Strings/Nelson Riddle
Album : Bridge Over Troubled Water
Label : Alshire
12:50 AM
Here’s to the Losers
Artist : The Mike Sammes Singers
Album : Sounds Sensational
Label : Studio 2
12:54 AM
In the Limelight
Artist : David Lindup
Album : Music for TV Dinners
Label : Scamp
12:55 AM
Taste for Living
Artist : John Fiddy
Album : Liquid Sunshine
Label : Vocalion