Retro Cocktail Hour

Fridays at 11pm

Featuring Space Age, Pop, Bachelor Pad music, Exotica, Lounge music and Cocktail Jazz. From their Facebook page: The Retro Cocktail Hour serves up the music that's "shaken, not stirred" every Saturday at 7:00pm Central on Kansas Public Radio stations. Pour the Mai Tais and join in for two hours of exotica, crime jazz, bossa nova, Now Sound, space age pop, groovy soundtracks, Bollywood weirdness and other incredibly strange tunes. Hosted by Darrell Brogdon. Visit to stream shows from our program archive.

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July 27, 2012

11:01 PM
Artist : Martin Denny
Album : Primitiva
Label : Liberty
11:05 PM
Sunrise at Kowloon
Artist : Les Baxter and his Orchestra
Album : The Soul of the Drums
Label : Reprise
11:08 PM
Love Flower
Artist : Linda, Bryan and Joe
Album : At the Petroleum Center Club with Linda, Bryan and Joe
Label : PCC
11:11 PM
Humming Waters
Artist : Vic Damone
Album : Strange Enchantment
Label : Capitol
11:15 PM
By the Waters of the Minnetonka
Artist : Stanley Black and his Orchestra
Album : Exotic Percussion
Label : London
11:18 PM
Moon Festival
Artist : Milt Raskin
Album : Kapu (Forbidden)
Label : Crown
11:21 PM
Saki Punch-Sand Waltz
Artist : Jerry Byrd
Album : The Polynesian Suite
Label : Monument
11:26 PM
Quiet Village
Artist : Willie Restum
Album : Willie Restum at the Dream Lounge
Label : Gone
11:30 PM
Jungle Fire Dance
Artist : The Ivor and Basil Kirchin Band
Album : TV Sound and Image
Label : Soul Jazz
11:34 PM
Passion Fruit
Artist : Nino Nardini
Album : Obsession Exotique
Label : Flash Strap
11:36 PM
Artist : The Orpheus Four
Album : n/a
Label : Orpheus
11:39 PM
Black Pearls
Artist : Richard Maltby and his Orchestra
Album : Moonlight and Starlight
Label : . . . and More Bears
11:43 PM
The Sleeve Job
Artist : Pete Rugolo
Album : The Music from Richard Diamond
Label : Mercury
11:47 PM
T.H.E. Cat
Artist : Al Hirt
Album : The Horn Meets the Hornet
Label : RCA
11:49 PM
Blues a Go Go
Artist : Lalo Schifrin
Album : Once a Thief and Other Themes
Label : Verve
11:52 PM
Green Onions
Artist : Pete Moore and his Orchestra
Album : Soundsational
Label : Earful
11:56 PM
The Good Word
Artist : The Scottmen
Album : The Sound Gallery Vol. 2
Label : Scamp
12:00 AM
Honorable Batman
Artist : Neal Hefti and his Orchestra
Album : Hefti in Gotham City
Label : RCA
12:04 AM
The Morning After
Artist : Al Caiola
Album : The Power of Brass
Label : United Artists
12:06 AM
Begin the Beguine
Artist : Belaire Voices/Strings Unlimited
Album : 'S Wonderful
Label : Condor
12:09 AM
Artist : Marvin Hamlisch
Album : The Informant OST
Label : New Line
12:13 AM
April in Paris
Artist : Screw Machine Pops Orchestra
Album : Micro Chip in Hi-Fi
Label : Kaiser Aluminum
12:15 AM
Micro Chip in Hi-Fi
Artist : Herb Vigran/June Foray/Daws Butler
Album : Micro Chip in Hi-Fi
Label : Kaiser Aluminum
12:20 AM
Bright Spark
Artist : Harold Smart
Album : Retro Shopping: Music to Buy Toasters By
Label : Ultra Swank
12:24 AM
Artist : Dominic Frontiere and his Orchestra
Album : Love Eyes
Label : Columbia
12:27 AM
The Lady in Red
Artist : Abbe Lane
Album : The Lady in Red
Label : BMG
12:32 AM
Green Eyes
Artist : Bob Florence Big Band
Album : Bongos/Reeds/Brass
Label : Hi-Fi
12:34 AM
Artist : Dick Schory’s New Percussion Ensemble
Album : Music for Bang Baaroom and Harp
Label : RCA
12:37 AM
Elephant Trail
Artist : Les Baxter and his Orchestra
Album : African Jazz
Label : Capitol
12:41 AM
Shangri-La Amongst the Mountain Tops
Artist : Ixtahuele
Album : n/a
Label :
12:44 AM
Green Fire
Artist : Ethel Azama
Album : Exotic Dreamers
Label : Righteous Psalm
12:48 AM
Artist : Augusto Martelli
Album : Il Dio Serpente OST
Label : Cinevox
12:53 AM
The Enchanted Reef
Artist : Si Zentner and his Orchestra/Martin Denny
Album : Exotica Suite
Label : Liberty
12:56 AM
Artist : Axel Stordahl and his Orchestra
Album : Jasmine and Jade
Label : Dot