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Fans have been tuning in to "Music from the Front Porch" for over 30 years. The tradition of folk, bluegrass, acoustic and western swing continues with hosts John McMillen and Mike Gowen. Hear the best of old and new musicians from Bill Monroe and Woody Guthrie to Alison Krauss and Chris Thile.

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June 28, 2014

10:04 AM
Old Cold Coffee on the Dashboard
Artist : Nickel Creek
Album : Here to There
ReleaseYear : 1996
Label :
10:08 AM
The Ferry Man
Artist : Darrell Webb Band
Album : Dream Big
Label :
10:11 AM
Rock Pile
Artist : Chatham County Line
Album : Speed of the Whippoorwill
ReleaseYear : 2006
Label :
10:13 AM
Blue Night
Artist : Hot Rize
Album : Hot Rize
ReleaseYear : 1979
Label :
10:15 AM
Used to Be
Artist : Bill Monroe
Album : True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe
ReleaseYear : 1996
Label :
10:17 AM
The Brambles, Briars & Me
Artist : David Davis and the Warrior River Boys
Album : Two Dimes & A Nickel
ReleaseYear : 2009
Label :
10:21 AM
Angeline the Baker/John Henry
Artist : Tony Furtado & Dirk Powell
Album : Tony Furtado & Dirk Powell
ReleaseYear : 1999
Label :
10:25 AM
Restless Grave
Artist : Peter Rowan
Album : Dharma Blues
Composer : Peter Rowan
Label :
10:28 AM
Mexico’s Daughter
Artist : The Del McCoury Band
Album : Family Circle
Composer : Verlon Thompson, Frank Serio
ReleaseYear : 2009
Label :
10:31 AM
Just Another Man
Artist : Glen Campbell
Album : Gentle On My Mind
Composer : Glen Campbell
ReleaseYear : 2001
Label :
10:33 AM
Ohio Turnpike
Artist : Red Tail Ring
Album : The Heart's Swift Foot
Label :
10:38 AM
John Henry
Artist : Peter Feldmann & The Pea Patch Quartet
Album : Grey Cat on the Tennessee Farm
ReleaseYear : 2005
Label :
10:41 AM
Orange Front
Artist : Noam Pikelny
Album : In the Maze
ReleaseYear : 2004
Label :
10:46 AM
Tell Me True
Artist : Sarah Jarosz
Album : Song Up In Her Head
ReleaseYear : 2009
Label :
10:50 AM
Through the Country
Artist : David Grisman Trio
Album : FolkJazz
Label :
10:54 AM
Sally Anne
Artist : Old Crow Medicine Show
Album : Live
ReleaseYear : 2008
Label :
10:57 AM
Vay a Con Diaz
Artist : David Grisman Trio
Album : FolkJazz
Label :
11:06 AM
Homegrown Tomatoes
Artist : Guy Clark
Album : Live from Austin, TX
ReleaseYear : 2007
Label :
11:10 AM
Deep In The Woods
Artist : Tim O’Brien
Album : Rock in My Shoe
ReleaseYear : 1995
Label :
11:13 AM
Won’t Fight Alone Again
Artist : Eric Lambert and Friends
Album : Maiden Voyage
Label :
11:17 AM
Dancing In The Hog Trough
Artist : Lynn Morris
Album : Mama's Hand
ReleaseYear : 1995
Label :
11:19 AM
I’ve Been A Fool One Time Before
Artist : Jim Lauderdale
Album : Old Time Angels
Label :
11:22 AM
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Artist : Tony Trischka
Album : Great Big World
Label :
11:26 AM
Shetland Reels
Artist : Catriona Macdonald
Album : Bold
ReleaseYear : 2000
Label :
11:30 AM
What Are You Listening To?
Artist : Chris Stapleton
Album : What Are You Listening To?
Composer : Chris Stapleton
Label :
11:34 AM
Be Here
Artist : Pert Near Sandstone
Album : Ship of Fools
Label :
11:37 AM
Blockade Runner
Artist : Snyder Family Band
Album : Building Bridges
Composer : Zebulon Snyder
Label :
11:40 AM
Old Dirt Road
Artist : Mark Newton Band
Album : Mark Newton Band
ReleaseYear : 2006
Label :
11:44 AM
Rocks In The River
Artist : Missy Werner
Album : Turn This Heart Around
Label :
11:46 AM
Drums of War
Artist : Chris Cairns
Album : Hello Blue
ReleaseYear : 2007
Label :
11:50 AM
Sing About It
Artist : The Wood Brothers
Album : The Muse
Label :
11:54 AM
In My Girlish Days
Artist : Mollie O’Brien
Album : Big Red Sun
ReleaseYear : 1998
Label :
11:56 AM
If I Knew Her Name
Artist : David Grier
Album : Freewheeling
Label :
12:06 PM
Artist : The Impatient Sisters
Album : The Impatient Sisters
Label :
12:09 PM
Daddy Walked In Darkness
Artist : Hoyt Axton
Album : Thunder 'N Lightnin'
ReleaseYear : 1963
Label :
12:11 PM
Ellis Unit One
Artist : Steve Earle
Album : Sidetracks
ReleaseYear : 2002
Label :
12:16 PM
Bottom of the Bottle
Artist : Brown Bird
Album : The Devil Dancing
ReleaseYear : 2009
Label :
12:19 PM
Rich Man’s World
Artist : Eilen Jewell
Album : Letters from Sinners & Strangers
ReleaseYear : 2007
Label :
12:22 PM
Bang Bang Bang
Artist : Eilen Jewell
Album : Queen Of The Minor Key
Label :
12:24 PM
Mr. Goodbar
Artist : Rob Ickes
Album : What It Is
ReleaseYear : 2002
Label :
12:28 PM
The Leaves Are Changin’
Artist : Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys
Album : Release Your Shrouds
Label :
12:31 PM
Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends
Artist : Kris Kristofferson
Album : The Oxford American: Southern Music CD #15 (Tennessee)
Label :
12:34 PM
The Good I Know You Know
Artist : Hoots & Hellmouth
Album : Hoots & Hellmouth
ReleaseYear : 2007
Label :
12:38 PM
Death Trip
Artist : Danny Barnes Collective
Album : Pickathon 2005
ReleaseYear : 2006
Label :
12:44 PM
Lei ’Ohu
Artist : Bob Brozman and Ledward Kaapana
Album : In the Saddle
ReleaseYear : 2001
Label :
12:49 PM
Artist : Jeffrey Martin
Album : Build a Home
Label :
12:52 PM
Summer’s Almost Over
Artist : Cheryl Wheeler
Album : Defying Gravity
Composer : Wheeler
ReleaseYear : 2005
Label :
12:55 PM
Suddenly You
Artist : Motel Mirrors
Album : The Oxford American: Southern Music CD #15 (Tennessee)
Label :
12:58 PM
Soldiers Joy
Artist : Hot Strings
Album : Uncharted
ReleaseYear : 2005
Label :
9:01 am
Fri March 1, 2013

Western Kentucky Historian & Musician Featured on Sounds Good


WKMS hosts a special early-bird fundraising event with live string band music in Studio A for Sounds Good with Tracy Ross. One of the rotating hosts of Music from the Front Porch, Mike Gowen, joins in to introduce old-time string music of the Purchase Region with Nathan Blake Lynn and Josh Coffey, known through Bawn in the Mash and other groups. 

As part of today's special presentation, Nathan plays music from his historical music project titled The Places I Used To Know. The album features 10 original songs focused on Lynn’s experiences in the Jackson Purchase. All songs were written, performed, and engineered by Lynn at his farm in Heath, Kentucky. For more information visit

See a video describing the album and a special fundraiser premium after the jump.

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5:25 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Bluegrass Benefit for Tony Williams

Josh Williams on Music from the Front Porch

Interview/Performance with Josh Williams

There’s a Bluegrass Benefit Friday night, November 1.  A life-threatening infection put Jackson Purchase Friends of Bluegrass’s Tony Williams in Vanderbilt hospital for a month and a half.  Tony’s home and better now.   His award-winning guitarist and vocalist son Josh Williams dropped in on Music from the Front Porch with Mark Welch last Saturday to talk about the benefit.

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3:34 pm
Thu August 9, 2012

Mexico to Maine: The David Wax Museum's sound collected in travel

"It in part comes from the Mexican influence, but most of the band didn't grow up in the northeast. I grew up in Virgina, David and Jordan are from Missouri. So you might also be hearing some of our southern roots."

The band David Wax Museum formed in Boston in 2007. They've since become hits at the Newport Folk Festival, won Song of the Year with “Born with a Broken Heart” and “Americana Artist of the Year” for the 2010 Boston Music Awards, and have starred in a mini documentary about their trip to China.

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ROMP 2012
10:50 am
Fri June 22, 2012

Fiddler Scott Moore on crossing borders and crossing genres

Scott Moore (right) and Gabe Witcher leading the fiddle workshop at ROMP 2011.

Scott Moore has been to Ireland, Ecuador, Poland, Australia, Canada, China, as well as around the U.S. playing his violin. He lives in Louisville now and plays fiddle for The 23 String Band- who will be playing at ROMP in Owensboro next week. Rose Krzton-Presson spoke with Scott about crossing borders, crossing genres, and where he’s looking to go next with his instrument.

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1:38 pm
Fri February 17, 2012

The Infamous Stringdusters play at Marathon Music Works

Jeremy Garrett (fiddle) and Chris Pandolfi (banjo) soundcheck before their show at Marathon Music Works.

The Infamous Stringdusters are touring Yonder Mountain String Band for the next two weeks. The 'Dusters just released their first recording from their independent label High Country Recordings called We'll Do It Live and will release their next album Silver Sky on March 12th.

Rose Krzton-Presson spoke with bandmembers before their show at Marathon Music Works in Nashville on February 10th about the newest albums, their festival circuit this year (including their very own Festy Experience), and being on the road with YMSB.