Beyond The Edge

Saturdays, 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Join host Tracy Ross every Saturday for an eclectic mix of folk, rock, pop, alt-country, Americana, blues and other genres on Beyond The Edge. From Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie, to Spoon, Radiohead, and Neko Case, each week you’ll hear the musical legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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September 22, 2012

8:01 PM
Rusty Cage
Artist : Johnny Cash
Album : Unchained
Label :
8:04 PM
Warning Signs
Artist : Eilen Jewell
Album : Queen Of The Minor Key
Label :
8:06 PM
Feelin’ Alright
Artist : Joe Cocker
Album : The Millennium Collection
Label :
8:11 PM
Go To Sleep
Artist : The Avett Brothers
Album : Emotionalism
Label :
8:15 PM
Beautiful Way
Artist : Beck
Album : Midnight Vultures
Label :
8:21 PM
Won’t Be Home
Artist : Old 97’s
Album : Drag It Up
Label :
8:26 PM
Furnace Room Lullaby
Artist : Neko Case
Album : Furnace Room Lullaby
Label :
8:29 PM
Parchman Farm Blues
Artist : Jeff Buckley
Album : Grace (Legacy Edition)
Label :
8:35 PM
Rainstorms In My Knees
Artist : Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Album : Ten Thousand
Label :
8:41 PM
Leave The City
Artist : Magnolia Electric Co.
Album : Trials and Errors
Label :
8:47 PM
Artist : Pearl Jam
Album : Yield
Label :
8:51 PM
Smoke Ring Halo
Artist : The Wood Brothers
Album : Smoke Ring Halo
Label :
8:54 PM
Slow Education
Artist : Silver Jews
Album : Bright Flight
Label :
8:57 PM
Ain’t No Sunshine
Artist : Bill Withers
Album : The Best of Bill Withers: Lean On Me
Label :
9:01 PM
The Evens
Artist : On The Face of It
Album : Self-Titled
Label :
9:03 PM
Leaders of the Free World
Artist : Elbow
Album : Leaders of the Free World
Label :
9:09 PM
The Sweets
Artist : Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Album : Show Your Bones
Label :
9:13 PM
Artist : Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Album : The Lyre Of Orpheus
Label :
9:17 PM
Back To The Lake
Artist : Guided By Voices
Album : Universal Truths and Cycles
Label :
9:21 PM
Artist : Teenage Cool Kids
Album : Denton After Sunset
Label :
9:24 PM
The Death of Ferdinand De Saussure
Artist : The Magnetic Fields
Album : 69 Love Songs
Label :
9:27 PM
Letter From Belgium
Artist : The Mountain Goats
Album : We Shall All Be Healed
Label :
9:31 PM
Sugar Free Jazz
Artist : Soul Coughing
Album : Ruby Vroom
Label :
9:35 PM
About Face
Artist : Grizzly Bear
Album : Veckatimest
Label :
9:39 PM
Artist : Blur
Album : 13
Label :
9:47 PM
Fillmore Jive
Artist : Pavement
Album : Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Label :
9:53 PM
Artist : Yo La Tengo
Album : And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
Label :
10:01 PM
Artist : Lower Dens
Album : Nootropics
Label :
10:06 PM
Artist : Pinback
Album : Blue Screen Life
Label :
10:10 PM
Modern Way
Artist : Kaiser Chiefs
Album : Rhythms Del Mundo: Cuba
Label :
10:14 PM
Artist : The National
Album : Boxer
Label :
10:18 PM
Nova Baby
Artist : The Black Keys
Album : El Camino
Label :
10:22 PM
Artist : Fugazi
Album : The Argument
Label :
10:26 PM
Bows & Arrows
Artist : The Walkmen
Album : Bows & Arrows
Label :
10:32 PM
Open Heart Surgery
Artist : The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Album : Bravery, Repetition and Noise
Label :
10:36 PM
Save Yourself
Artist : Sharon Van Etten
Album : Epic
Label :
10:41 PM
The Sun
Artist : Mirah
Album : Advisory Committee
Label :
10:45 PM
Stevie Nix
Artist : The Hold Steady
Album : Separation Sunday
Label :
10:50 PM
Metal Heart
Artist : Cat Power
Album : Moon Pix
Label :
10:54 PM
The Underdog
Artist : Spoon
Album : Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Label :
4:01 pm
Wed February 13, 2013

Wooden Wand Sounds Good This Saturday at Big Apple

Wooden Wand
Credit Leah Hutchison Toth

Wooden Wand (James Toth) performs Saturday evening at 9 at The Big Apple Cafe in Murray and live on WKMS during Beyond The Edge. Tracy Ross recently spoke with Toth about his relationship with touring, how illegal downloads affect working musicians, and his latest album, Blood Oaths Of The New Blues.

Tune in for a live broadcast from Murray’s Big Apple Café for“Sounds Good: Live From the Big Apple” on Saturday, February 16 from 9-10 p.m.

Singer/songwriter Wooden Wand, with Doc Feldman, mixes lyrically rich tunes, Americana, and soulful country. The live broadcast airs during Tracy Ross’ Beyond the Edge.

Read more
3:34 pm
Thu August 9, 2012

Mexico to Maine: The David Wax Museum's sound collected in travel

"It in part comes from the Mexican influence, but most of the band didn't grow up in the northeast. I grew up in Virgina, David and Jordan are from Missouri. So you might also be hearing some of our southern roots."

The band David Wax Museum formed in Boston in 2007. They've since become hits at the Newport Folk Festival, won Song of the Year with “Born with a Broken Heart” and “Americana Artist of the Year” for the 2010 Boston Music Awards, and have starred in a mini documentary about their trip to China.

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1:14 pm
Thu April 26, 2012

Jesca Hoop at Cannery Ballroom

Jesca Hoop at Cannery Ballroom
Photo by Krisa Gibson

Jesca Hoop is a self-declared "Avapop" singer-songwriter. Raised in a northern California Mormon family, she worked in an array of professions (farming, carpentry, surveying, even a survival program in Arizona's mountains for troubled youth) before pursuing her music in 2005 while working as Tom Waits' nanny.

Her first album, Kismet, came out in 2007 and she has since released two EPs and one full-length album. She's toured with acts including Mark Knopfler, Elbow, Peter Gabriel, and Andrew Bird.

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WKMS Press Releases
3:13 pm
Wed March 7, 2012

Beyond the Edge features Murray Band Quailbones from WKMS Studios

Public radio nationwide has a track record of providing musical artists their first public platform for performance. Continuing the WKMS commitment to musicians, Program Director Tracy Ross features an hour of live music with Murray band Quailbones Saturday night at 10, the final hour of his decade-long program Beyond the Edge.  WKMS is Murray State University’s listener supported public radio service.

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