WKMS News wins 11 AP awards

Murray, KY – Media Release: WKMS News Wins Awards

Contact: Jenni Todd (jtodd14@murraystate.edu, 800-599-4737)

Date: Monday, May 23, 2011

Murray, KY. The Kentucky Associated Press has recognized WKMS News with four first place awards in its 2011 Class II Radio category competition. The statewide news organization presented winners with plaques and certificates at an awards luncheon in Louisville Saturday.

The four 1st Place awards recognized WKMS News Reporters and the station's new media coordinator as follows:

Jacque Day for the best light news feature - "Kaeliegh's Heart"

Rebecca Feldhaus (who is now reporting for the Paducah Sun) for the best use of sound - "Glory Days At Fish Fry"

Angela Hatton for best public affairs feature - "New CPR Method"

and Matt Markgraf for best website www.wkms.org.

WKMS News reports for Murray State's public radio service's coverage area: southernmost Illinois, western Kentucky, and northwest Tennessee. WKMS Station Manager says, "We're grateful that listener support enables WKMS News to continue crafting excellent coverage recognized by the Kentucky Associated Press annually and regular compliments from our appreciative audience." Each story submitted by the WKMS News team received recognition in this year's competition.

This year's Second Place and Honorable Mention awards for WKMS News include:

2nd Place

Best Light News Feature: Rebecca Feldhaus, "Drug Tragedy"

Best Sports/Special: Jacque E. Day, "Clinton Phifer and Trainer Neely Owens"

Best Enterprise/ Investigative Reporting: Todd Hatton, "The Difficulty with the BP Boycott"

Best Continuing Coverage: Jacque E. Day, "Paducah Nuclear Workers"

Honorable Mention

Best hard News Feature: Angela Hatton, "Mosque Denied in Mayfield"

Best Special Series/ Documentary Jacque E. Day, "The Olmsted Project"

Best Enterprise/ Investigative Reporting: Chris Taylor, "Gun Sales Up After Home Invasion"

The WKMS News team is comprised of News Director Chad Lampe, News Producer and Morning Edition Host Todd Hatton, Reporters Jacque E. Day, Angela Hatton, Chris Taylor, and student interns. Matt Markgraf coordinates the station's online content with all other units of WKMS as well as news - which he serves most directly as coordinator of online public safety emergency information.

WKMS listener contributions pay for student wages, recording and production equipment, computer and travel expenses for the news team. See www.wkms.org for more information about the station and its two channels of programming broadcast on 91.3 WKMS FM, Murray; WKMS HD-1 and All-Classical HD-2; 90.9 WKMD FM, Madisonville; 89.5 WKMT FM, Fulton; 99.5 FM Paris, TN; and All-Classical 92.5 FM Paducah and 101.5 FM Madisonville. The station streams both WKMS HD-1 and HD-2 at www.wkms.org.