WKMS Airs Special on Coal Dependence

Murray, KY – Media Release: WKMS Airs Specials on Coal Dependence

Date: 2-22-11

Contact: Kate Lochte (kate.lochte@murraystate.edu or 800-599-4737)

Murray, KY -- Murray State's public radio service 91.3 WKMS continues airing special programs Thursdays at noon with Power and Smoke: A Nation Built on Coal, on March 3.

Can we burn coal more cleanly? Can we get off of it? To explore these questions Power and Smoke goes back to the roots of our addiction to coal, and shows how fuel choices have changed American culture and history. The program uses lively archival audio, contemporary interviews, and provides a fascinating insight into the past and the future of a country built on coal.

The one-hour American Radioworks documentary focuses on how Americans contribute more heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere than Europeans with similar standards of living. One reason discussed is dependence on cars, but the other, less-talked-about reason is coal. Americans rely on coal for nearly half our electricity. Electrical generation pumps out more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector- cars, trucks, planes, and ships - combined.

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