Wildfire issues

Jun 15, 2012

Wild fires are scorching hundreds of square miles in several western states of the U.S.  While parts of Kentucky are experiencing severe drought, the risk of similar fires in the commonwealth is relatively small.

Kentucky summers are known for a good dose of humidity.  Firefighters working to contain large blazes out west are  battling windy dry conditions.  Therein lies a key difference between the Ohio Valley and the Rockies.  Lynn True is with the State Division of Forestry.
“There’s still precautions they need to take and this is the time of year when people go camping, they’re outdoors, but in all likelihood the risk of a wildfire spreading or escaping to the woods and burning significant acreage is very low,” said True.
In Kentucky, citizens in the western part of the state, are experiencing serious drought conditions.  Still, Lynn True with the State Division of Forestry, says the forest fire risk in the commonwealth is not that high.

“The tend to have crown fires while we have ground fires…our fires just kind of slowly creep along burning off leaf litter. They’ll climb to maybe the mid story level in brushes; and then if you find a cedar thicket, you can get a good fire going here in Kentucky,” added True.
According to True, if dry conditions persist across Kentucky, it’s more likely grass fires will become a greater concern.  She says county burn bans may be enacted in the future.  Henderson is the lone county with such a ban in place at the moment.