Whitaker and Heath Differ over Lawmaker Pensions in 2nd District State House Forum

Oct 12, 2012

Candidates for Kentucky’s 2nd District State House of Representatives both say they won’t take a pension if elected in November, but they differ on whether or not a pension should be offered to lawmakers. Kentucky’s pension system is one of the worst in the country in terms of unfunded liabilities. Heath has endorsed a pension plan for lawmakers that two GOP candidates have proposed. That plan would change the current full pension for lawmakers to an optional 401K plan for incoming lawmakers.

The key word is option," said Heath.  "I have the option to enroll in it, then I have the option not to enroll in it. My personal view is that I don’t intend to participate in a state funded pension plan."

Democrat Kelly Whitaker says there should be no pension for state lawmakers.

“The taxpayers of Kentucky can’t afford either one," says Whitaker" "Either the fully funded pension they already have or the sliver plated 401K style pension that Mr. Heath the other Republicans proposed September 12th."

Whitaker and Heath met in a candidate forum Friday on WKMS. You can hear the entire debate above.