"Where My Ink Comes From"

Murray, KY – Some of us tend to look back at our teenage years through rose-colored glasses. Teenagers today, however, may not see them so favorably. This generation of young people face an array of challenges; depression, self-injury, suicide, teen pregnancy, and despair among them. A new book, Where My Ink Comes From deals directly with those issues. Author C.N. King has experienced them first-hand; the book is essentially the journal she kept over the course of her high school senior year. And in case you're inclined to dismiss Where My Ink Comes From as the memoir of a dimly remembered youth, the last entry is dated May 29th, 2009. She'll be signing copies of her book October 15th at the MSU bookstore, and Todd Hatton spoke with King about her book, and where life has taken her since.