Western Kentucky School Boards Sign on to Funding Cut Opposition

Oct 17, 2012

Western Kentucky school boards are joining a national campaign opposing federal funding cuts. Kentucky School Boards Association spokesman Brad Hughes says measures from the 2011 Budget Control Act set to go into effect in January would severely impact Title I, II, and special education funds. School boards in Murray and Lyon County have joined the opposition for what schools are calling “sequestration,” and Hughes says more are expected to sign on in the coming weeks.

“Because schools districts plan at least a year ahead and because in Kentucky school boards have just adopted their final budgets for the rest of the year, if they were to get a mid-year cut, they would have to start making some decisions very early at the first of the year if Congress and the President don’t come to some agreement before January 1," said Hughes.

Hughes says the impact on districts would range from 10's of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Marshall County Schools Finance Director Jill Morris says her district could lose $150,000 in federal funding. Morris says the bulk of that money goes toward salaries. The Marshall County School Board votes on the resolution tomorrow night.