West KY No Exception in Low Voter Turnout

May 21, 2014

Of the 438,672 registered voters within the WKMS listening range, only 110,670 cast ballots in Tuesday’s primary elections. Voter turnout in the area reached a total of 25.23 percent, nearly matching the statewide turnout of 26 percent.

Carlisle County had the highest turnout with 41.94 percent, while Christian County voters showed the lowest poll attendance with 16.71 percent.

6.5 percent of area voters are registered as something other than Democrat or Republican and were unable to cast a ballot in the primary. 64.7 percent of area listeners are registered Democrats and 28.8 percent are registered Republicans. 

Below is information compiled from the Kentucky State Board of Elections.

Voter Turnout in WKMS Coverage Area 


Registration Statistics for WKMS Coverage Area