West Kentucky School District Set to Return to 5-Day Week

Mar 26, 2014

One of the first school districts in the state to implement a 4-day week has voted to return to the 5-day grind.

The Webster County Board of Education’s decision came 10 years after county schools saw their first shortened schedule.

Dixon Elementary School Principal Eric Wheatley has worked in the district during both eras. He said the county’s academic standing prompted the switch.

Credit Wikimedia Commons

“When we first started it, we saw some big test scores but now we’ve staled a little bit - caused us to revisit the four day school week,” Wheatley said.

Board member Jeff Pettit said the 4 day week has been especially tough on classrooms, with the long weekend forcing teachers to recap previous lessons and not move forward.

“For us to really be able to turn the screws down on the curriculum and on the classroom time, we are just going to have to get a more consistent schedule and spend more time in the classrooms,” Pettit said.

Pettit said that instructional days will be shortened as part of the new calendar. The changes are planned to take effect in the next school year.