Wells is Next Murray Mayor

Nov 3, 2010

Murray, KY – Murray residents chose Bill Wells as the city's next mayor. Wells beat out challenger Butch Seargent in the non-partisan election. Unofficial results show Wells finished with 52 percent of the vote. He praises the job of previous mayors and says he's humbled to win the vote. Wells plans to seek input before outlining what he'll do with his administration.

"I think I'm going to make 12 phone calls to people who are on the city council to see what they want to do. I can get their ideas and pull them the same direction. Cause every one of those 12 ran I think for the reason they want to make Murray a better place to live, and I know that's why I ran after 18 years on the council."

Butch Seargent says despite the loss, he's looking forward to other ventures. Seargent has no immediate plans to seek another political office, though he says he'll help Wells however he can. Wells replaces interim Mayor Danny Hudspeth, who chose not to run.


In the race to be Murray's new Mayor Butch Seargent lost out to Bill Wells in last night's general election. Unofficial results show Wells beat Seargent by four percent. Both men had previously served on the Murray city council, and Seargent says they remain friends despite the race. Seargent isn't sure if he'll seek a different political office in the future.

"At this point, y'know, I'm not really thinking about that. I'm just going to do what God wants me to do. He'll lead me in the right direction. I don't know what that is right now."

Mayor-elect Wells says he plans to talk with the city council before deciding the policies he'll seek in his administration. Wells replaces interim Mayor Danny Hudspeth, who chose to continue work on the city council over running for another term as mayor.