Weekend Rains Prompt Rise in Lake Barkley

Apr 29, 2013

Water levels at Lake Barkley are six feet higher than normal thanks to weekend rain.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects levels to reach 365 feet mean sea level. Natural Resource Program Manager for Lake Barkley Mike Looney said the water is rising at a slower rate after increasing the amount of water flowing through Barkley Dam, but rain later this week could complicate things.

"How fast the lake’s going to come down is all going to depend on how high the water gets in the lower Ohio and lower Mississippi River and how much rain falls on Thursday," Looney said.

All boat ramps on Lake Barkley are currently still open, but some walkways leading to courtesy docks might be underwater. Boaters should also maintain safe speeds while keeping a look-out for floating debris.