The Weekend Energy Preview 3-10

Mar 10, 2012

This week's mix is so out there, it's like a mysterious ocean pyramid inhabited by giant six-legged tree lobsters!


Yeasayer - O.N.E. (Build and Clancy Remix) -  Since this is like the 8,000th time this song has made it in the mix, I suppose it's safe to give it a "legendary" status. Every since the mega-inspirational Ambling Alp, I've been a Yeasayer junkie. O.N.E. just has this ungraspable energy like a thousand flamingos taking off at once. The original version lights up with or without you with a neo-futuristic steelpan drum beat. The remix contains this slightly and actually makes it a little more accessible, but adds a synth-washing that just swirls through your head and will take days, weeks, months, to drain.

Cinnamon Chasers - Warm Rush (Russ Davies Remix) - British group Cinnamon Chasers washed up on the musical shores in 2009 with their album A Million Miles from Home, which was both relaxing an powerful with songs like The World Is Yours and Jetstreams. I've always considered them a welcome toned-down departure on the show, offering a different, more sophisticated level of energy to the mix. Their new single Warm Rush just sweeps you back up into their loving grasp, the kind that makes you want to move a little slower, relax a little longer, and enjoy  the moment with greater attention. The Russ Davies remix actually accentuates this and makes a great closer on their EP, The Day that Never Came.

Tomato Jaws - Why Don't You (Original Mix) - Ukranian group Tomato Jaws has an awesome name and craeted an awesome sound in their huge single Why Don't You, which I was thrilled to discover this week has a music video! Apart from that, it looks like they haven't done anything new in a while, taking some time out to make fun videos. Among their other songs, I'd have to say One Secret is probably worth checking out, but Why Don't You is clearly their best work, namely it's haunting presentation of Nata Zhizhchenko's voice. Their Facebook page says they "had an influence on the development of the Ukranian electronic scene." They might be right because I really can't think of any other cool Ukranian electronic artists... except for maybe Stereolizza.

Kavinsky - Road Game (Air Wankers) - Kavinsky... is back. This French electro artist blew up the scene with incredible EPs Teddy Boy (in 2006), and 1986 (in 2007). Testarossa Autodrive will make you drive very, very fast. His music has been featured in movies like The Lincoln Lawyer, Drive, and who could forget the 2004 film Atomik Circus, le retour de James Bataille? His new single Road Game is a dark, brooding stomper with a slow build and a piston pumping beat. It's a great follow-up to his earlier work, and a welcome return of an artist who can rightfully be compared to Daft Punk and Justice.

Almost Made It


You can't take Surfidsco too seriously, but their new EP called Hot Tuna is seriously awesome. These are simple electro house bangers with a lime twist. It starts with the title track Hot Tuna and gets progressively weirder through the heavily sampled Sea Hunter, ending on the musical mish-mosh of Swordfish. It's chaotic, messy, and incredibly fun.

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Hear music by Dragonette, Juveniles, Afghan Headspin, Yuksek, Basement Jaxx, and more! Dragonette is dance pop with substance. Pick Up The Phone is the classic bad influence rebel causing minor havok in a small town rebellion. The victories may be tiny and inconsequential, but Dragonette's huge sound makes it seem oh so relevant in a "living in the moment" sort of way. This song's on her album "Fixin' To Thrill" which I highly recommend sampling for your thrilling spring time party mix. 

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