Webster County Schools Restructuring Plan Begins

May 21, 2014

The Webster County Board of Education has designated two new officials this week as part of a district-wide restructuring plan.

Georgiann McCord and Kim Saalwaechter will serve in new positions incoming Superintendent Rachel Yarbrough created.

Interim superintendent Pete Galloway says the changes aim to improve student-faculty interaction and test scores.

“We need to do some things differently here. We need to emphasize student achievement perhaps in a different manner than has been done in the past,” Galloway said.

Credit Webster County Schools

“Our kids weren't achieving at the level we want them to.”

According to Kentucky's School Report Card, Webster County's 2012-13 standardized testing scores classified the area as a “needs improvement” district.

McCord will take the office of deputy superintendent while Saalwaechter will become the director of special education and early childhood education. Both have experience in the school system.

Other components of Yarbrough's plan include:

  • The establishment of “instructional coaches” which will support faculty involved in all grade levels
  • The elimination of one of two “assistant superintendent” positions
  • An overhaul of the county's alternative school, which deals with students exhibiting extremely poor behavior

Next fall will see the opening of Webster County Middle School. The district is also set to return to the traditional 5-day school week; Webster County was the first in the state to implement a 4-day school week a decade ago.