In Wake of Typhoon Filipinos Need Money Instead of Supplies

Nov 13, 2013

Credit wikimedia commons

A Murray psychiatrist who grew up in the Philippines says Filipinos in need after Typhoon Haiyan need money more than supplies or volunteers.

Dr. Maria Ruiza Yee says one way Americans can help with disaster relief is through the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, which is sending a group of doctors to Tacloban under Dr. Eric Talens.

“He says the group plans to leave on the 18th, and the best reliable route as advised from contacts on ground in Tacloban is by lan,” Yee said. “He’s leading a 14-man team of doctors of various specialties, nurses and EMTS, bringing in meds, food, water for relief as well as fuel, food and water for the team.”

Yee said those donations can be made online or by check. For more information about making a donation go to