Voter Traffic Varied Across Region

Nov 6, 2012

Credit iStockPhoto

Kentucky voters have until six p.m. to cast their ballots today. Officials at the Marshall County Clerk’s office report a large turnout. Some listeners report waiting up to an hour to vote, while others report no line at all.

Regulars at the Hungry Bear restaurant in Murray are timid about politics today. Many didn’t want to talk about their vote. 

Tommy Brown of Murray though was happy to discuss his vote.

“I’m planning on voting for (Stan) Humphries and (Ed) Whitfield," said Brown. Humphries is the republican candidate for Kentucky's 1st district state senate seat. Whitfield is the incumbent republican congressman for Kentucky's 1st district. 

" I’m going to vote against Obama," Brown said.  "I don’t usually vote for the party line, I usually vote for the man. I always try to find out about their Christian values and then I vote for Christians."

Brown isn’t happy with the country’s direction and wants to see a change in leadership on all levels. It was hard to find vocal democrats, which isn’t a surprise for this very red state.