Vote Decisions

Frankfort, KY – This is the last day for Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to veto any bills approved during the first 28 days of this year's legislative session. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh has the latest.


The 2009 session resumes tomorrow to give lawmakers a chance to override any vetoes issued by Governor Beshear. So far, the only thing Beshear's vetoed is a line item in the state road plan, but legislative leaders knew he was going to do that. But the governor's still looking.

"We are continuing to review all the bills we have. We're pretty far down the road in that review now. I haven't seen anything yet that has caused me to consider a veto."

Only two days remain in the session, and unless House leaders waive a new rule, the session could end a day early. The rule, which the governor hopes they will waive, prevents any action besides veto overrides during the session's final days. If it stands, the governor's economic incentives bill and a supplemental spending bill will die.