Video Game Ratings Summary

Murray, KY – More than forty-percent of Americans are expected to purchase a computer or video game this year, and a majority of those purchases will be made around the holidays. Some parents may be concerned about the ratings on the video games they're buying. Conway's office encourages parents to check out the Entertainment Software Rating Board's website for a ratings summary before making a purchase. Shelley Catherine Johnson is Deputy Communications Director for the Attorney General.

The ratings summaries take consumer education to the next level. They provide more exclusive insight about the game content. So you really see more than just the rating, you find out more specific detail about why that game received the rating it did.

Johnson says Conway supports any effort to help parents better understand what their children are going to be viewing. She says this service puts more control in parents' hands. The ratings summaries are available online at www-(dot)-esrb-(dot)-org.