USEC Paducah Contract Extended

May 11, 2012

The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant agreed to a power contract with Tennessee Valley Authority through September. United States Enrichment Corporation spokesman Paul Jacobson says the contract extension will allow them to operate safely, even if they aren’t enriching uranium at the plant.

“Some power will still be needed to operate the plant so what has been achieved is an ability to continue purchasing power at levels that would be necessary to operate the plant in a shutdown mode as we continue to work on finding a larger solution to the idea of continuing to operate production at the plant.”

Jacobson says USEC is still negotiating with the TVA for a new, full-power contract so they could continue their Paducah operations. He says the plant employs 1,200 workers and holds the TVA’s largest industrial contract, so everyone involved would benefit from a new contract. If an agreement isn’t reached, full capacity operations at the plant will end May 31st.