UPDATE: Calloway County Jailer Recanvass Upholds Claud as Winner

May 29, 2014

Credit Calloway County Jail

The Calloway County Clerk’s office has returned results of its re-canvass of the county jailer’s race, and it’s yielded the same numbers. 

Following last week’s Democratic primary, candidate and deputy jailer Rodney Hill requested the Calloway County Clerk’s office re-examine the ballot after falling just 16 votes short of former Murray Police Chief Kenneth Claud.  

The re-canvass was held at the courthouse this morning. County Clerk Antonia Faulkner said it took about an hour and uncovered no discrepancies, validating the reported vote totals.

The recavass included all four democratic candidates and found the results matched those previously reported: Claud with 1,769; Hill with 1,753; deputy jailer Eddie Dillion with 1,090; and deputy jailer Michael Holt with 752 votes. 

Faulker said a re-canvass involves reexamining voting machine tape records that record the number of votes in each precinct, whereas a recount must be ordered by a judge and examines each individual ballot cast. 

With no Republicans running in the general election, Claud will succeed the retiring Phil Hazle to be Calloway County’s next jailer. 

Previous Story:

A Calloway County jailer candidate has requested a recanvassing of primary election ballots after falling just 16 votes short last week. 

Deputy jailer Rodney Hill filed the request  with the county Clerk's office Friday.

Former Murray Police Chief Kenneth Claud won the four-democrat jailer primary election with 1,769 votes to Hill's 1,753 also beating deputy jailors Eddie Dillion with 1,090 and Michael Holt with 752 votes.

Calloway Clerk Antonia Faulkner says a recanvassing involves reexamining the voting machine tape records which measure the number of votes in each precinct, whereas a recount examines each individual ballot cast and comes by order of a judge. The recanvass includes all candidates in the race, however clerk’s office staff will be focusing on the difference between Claud and Hill.

The recanvass is set for Thursday at 9 a.m. on the first floor of the Calloway County Courthouse.