University of Louisville Probation Lifted Following Year of Turmoil

Dec 5, 2017

Credit Jacob Ryan/WFPL, Cropped

The University of Louisville has had its probation lifted a year after being sanctioned by its accrediting agency during a period of turmoil. 

University leaders were notified Tuesday that the school had addressed nine concerns dealing with governance, administration and finance and is in full compliance with the accreditation group's rules. The decision was effective immediately.

The school's leaders have dealt with fallout from a series of problems — including the scandal-plagued men's basketball program and mismanagement by the school's investment arm.

The accrediting group had imposed the probation for violation of its governing rules when Gov. Matt Bevin unilaterally fired the UofL board of trustees and appointed a new one. Bevin claimed the old board was dysfunctional.

Concerns also were raised about UofL's relationship with the university's foundation.