Underwriter Spotlight: SEVA Fitness in Paducah

Jan 31, 2014

WKMS welcomed another new underwriter recently - Eric Romanak and SEVA Fitness in Paducah. You might be tempted to think of barbells and treadmills and lots of lycra when you think about fitness, but that's not really what SEVA Fitness is about. 

Eric explains what he does as a "health first" approach, meaning instead of just working to "look better," SEVA Fitness strives to help you "feel better" by teaching holistic fitness and health. As a health and wellness coach, Eric offers personal, individualized training incorporating practices like yoga and martial arts to help with mobility, strength, athleticism and even weight loss. 

Clients at SEVA Fitness range from the young to aging and from athletes to couch potatoes. On Wednesdays this month, Eric is offering "Operation Warrior Restore," a free class to all active-duty and retired military, police and first responders that is designed to reduce stress and its toll on the body as well as restore mobility. 

Though he's most likely to catch The Diane Rehm Show and Sounds Good when he's in the car, Eric's favorite program is Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! When asked WHY he chose to underwrite, his response came easy:

"I decided to underwrite on WKMS for two reasons. One, I spend my money like I'm casting a vote. I feel the programming on WKMS is more enriching and valuable than just about everything out there. I have to support that. Two, I believe the average listener is looking for a better and smarter product. That's exactly what I am trying to provide."

If you're interested in learning about SEVA Fitness, you can visit their website or give a like on Facebook.