Underwriter Spotlight: CFSB

Oct 22, 2013

It's definitely a treat this Halloween to celebrate our fifth year of underwriting support from CFSB! A community bank, CFSB employees are both team members and part owners with an interest in making the bank the best it can be for both themselves and future generations.

CFSB has been serving the Jackson Purchase since 1890 and now has five locations in the region: three in Marshall County, one in Calloway and one in McCracken. The bankers back then would be amazed to see today's business. Director of Marketing, Jeremy Rose says that the focus shifting to an electronic form in the past 10 years is in response to people who like the ease of online banking in addition to the helpful local tellers and relationship bankers - and CFSB is easing this transition with new, more-digitally savvy programs like the Kasasa checking account.

One thing that hasn't changed, however, is CFSB's support for the community. Rose says, "All of our team members live and work here. We want to give back to the people who support us and thank them in the best ways we can." This includes scholarships to area schools, teaching banking/financial skills through the Star Bank student-run bank at Marshall County, and support for Murray State's CFSB Center - which brings concerts and live events to our region while being Racer Basketball's home court. CFSB would like to think the many folks who enjoy those events are having their lives touched by the CFSB brand.

That commitment to service is where WKMS comes in. Rose says that he likes that the station shares CFSB's focus on giving back to the community. "WKMS values its listeners and its underwriters, just like we value our customers and our community. It's a good way to get the word out to those who share those same ideals. And the programming is fantastic."

CFSB is a member of the FDIC. You can learn more about their locations and programs at their website, yourlifeyourbank.com or Facebook. Be sure to thank CFSB for their support for our public radio home!