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Aug 30, 2013

The greatest gift for supporting WKMS is continued service of the quality programming you enjoy. Thank you for making a financial contribution to this station. 

Prizes and gifts are fun, too! Here's a page that compiles our current list of giveaways and thank-you gifts. Thank you for your support of any amount!

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Enter to win the Ultimate WKMS Fan Prize Package!

Anyone who pledges online between now and October 15th will be entered into a drawing for the Ultimate WKMS Fan Prize Package! You don't have to pledge to win, but we sure would love to meet our autumn fundraising goal!

The prize pack includes:

  • 2 Tickets to RadioLab Live in Nashville
  • Feeding Hungry Minds Tee 
  • WKMS Logo Umbrella
  • NPR Metal water bottle
  • WKMS Logo Mammoth Mug
  • Plush Carl Kassell
  • 2 Tickets to a Paducah Symphony Orchestra concert
  • 2013 WKMS Singer/Songwriter Competition CD
  • WKMS News Documentary: Kentucky Dam: Power to the People
  • 2 WKMS Grocery Totes
  • Station Tour & Sounds Good Bubble signed by Tracy Ross!

Feeding Hungry Minds this Autumn:

Your gift has twice the impact! This autumn, WKMS partners with selected area Rotary Clubs to provide food to folks who need it. For every pledge we receive, Rotarians are going to donate a pound of food to community food banks.

New Member Gift:

We have a 150 New Member goal this fall. All New Members will receive a WKMS Grocery Tote!

Thank You Gifts:

Contributions to WKMS are tax-deductible, minus the fair market value of any thank you gifts received.


$52 - Will you choose News or Music?!
Donation Amount: $52 ($1 a week) 
Fair Market Value: n/a; tax-deductibility not affected

NEWS: WKMS News Documentary Kentucky Dam: Power for the People- If you’re a news junkie or a history buff you’ll appreciate your very own CD copy of Kentucky Dam: Power for the People. The documentary originally aired June 2013 and tells the story of the Dam’s construction with interviews and archival sound.

MUSIC: 2013 WKMS Singer/Songwriter Contest Finalists- We’ll send you a CD copy of great music by the finalists from our very popular singer/songwriter contest last spring, including music by Becca Kilby, winner of the Singer/Songwriter Invitational.


$120 - New WKMS Logo T-shirt “Feeding Hungry Minds” 
Donation Amount: $120+ ($10 a month)
Fair Market Value: n/a; tax-deductibility not affected

We have a new WKMS T-shirt! Take home a logo T-shirt and help us in our effort to “Feed Hungry Minds” with important news and eclectic music when you give $10 a month to WKMS. Special thanks to Rick Nance for designing the shirt. Shirts are underwritten with support from Saputo Dairy Foods USA, MSU Regional Outreach, and Rotary International.   


Donation Amount: $150+ ($12.50 a month)
Fair Market Value: n/a; tax-deductibility not affected

So, here’s something new. When you give $150 to WKMS you’ll get that cool newWKMS T-shirt, AND you’ll pay for 1 hour of great radio on WKMS. It’s only $30 more. I hope you’ll consider this option today! 


$250 - Day Sponsorship: On-Air Flight of Ten Messages one Special Day
Donation Amount: $250 ($20.83 a month) 
Fair Market Value: n/a; tax-deductibility not affected

Say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary or Congratulations to a friend or loved one. We'll announce your message 10 times on the special day you choose. For example, "Today’s WKMS Day Sponsors are Sid and Melissa Easley, celebrating the opening day of Murray State Normal School 88 years ago today, on September 24, 1923."


$365 - Lunch & Station Tour
Donation Amount: $365 ($1 a day!) 
Fair Market Value: n/a; tax-deductibility not affected

Enjoy a tour of the station and lunch with Station Manager Kate Lochte. You’ll learn more about how your wonderful gift becomes the foundation for everything you hear.


$500 - On-Air Flight of WKMS Professional Underwriting Credits
Donation Amount: $500 (41.67 a month) 
Fair Market Value: n/a; tax-deductibility not affected

Receive on-air announcements that identify your support (no dollar amount given), business, service or product and location. 


$1000 - The WKMS Leadership Circle
Donation Amount: $1,000 ($83.33 a month) 
Fair Market Value: n/a; tax-deductibility not affected

The WKMS Leadership Circle honors contributors who make gifts of $1,000 or more. You’ll be invited to the WKMS Grand Supper Club event and you’ll be a core supporter of the wonderful community resource that is WKMS public radio.  


For further information, call 800-599-4737 or e-mail msu.wkms@murraystate.edu.

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