UK IPM School to Educate Farmers on Better Crop Production

Feb 27, 2017


The University of Kentucky Research and Education Center in Princeton is holding a training workshop Wednesday to educate farmers on better ways to monitor and protect their crops during production season.

Topics at the '2017 Integrated Pest Management Training School' include crop disease, pesticide resistance, herbicides and new technologies. Hopkins County Extension Agent for Ag and Natural Resources Curtis Dame says one of the most common problems in western Kentucky is weed resistance. He says he hopes the training will help ag retailers and farmers alleviate issues and increase crops and revenue. 

“At the end of the day it will save farmers or producers in the area money. Those funds could be put to other purchases. But also it allows farmers to be environmentally conscious and more sustainable in the long term,” said Dame.


Dame says the workshop will discuss ‘beneficial insects’ and new mobile apps for improving crop management. Other speakers include weed scientist J.D. Green and plant pathologist Carl Bradley who will discuss strategies to protect their crops from frogeye leaf spot. The workshop is March 1.