UIU Link Connects Students to Web Courses Across Universities

Jan 29, 2014

UIU Link is a new brokerage for online accredited higher education courses. The system allows universities and their faculty the ability to seek additional revenue sources and enrollment enrichment by sharing their course seat availability to prospective students from other colleges. Former Murray Town and Gown's Kim Griffo has instituted the new business based at Virginia Tech with an office in Paducah. She joins Kate Lochte on Sounds Good to talk about this new opportunity in the region.

Kim Griffo speaks with Kate about a new program she created that would help students at collaborating non-profit universities keep their full-time student status even if classes they need to take are not offered at advantageous times at their university. UIU is an online program that ensures all classes and credits transfer to each student's proper university so that students may graduate on time and keep their full-time student status.

"We're partnered with Clemson, Virginia Tech, and we've worked very close with Vanderbilt's new Virtual institute that they've launched. I have to say Murray State's been fantastic to work with."

Kim Griffo explains UIU Link:

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