UFO Festival in West Kentucky Expects 20,000 People On Eclipse Weekend

Aug 3, 2017

Credit Kelly Little Green Men Days festival Facebook Page

 An annual UFO festival in a town outside of Hopkinsville is preparing for a major influx of visitors during the August 21st total solar eclipse.

The ‘Kelly Little Green Men Days’ Festival is on the anniversary of a well-known, alleged alien encounter that reportedly occurred on August 21, 1955. Kelly is an unincorporated town near Hopkinsville with a population of around 300.


Kelly Community Organization Vice President Joann Smithey said the average attendance is usually around 3,000 people. But this year, she’s planning for 20,000. She said this year’s festival is three years in the making.


“Basically just planning more concerts, ordering more t shirts, ordering more supplies, upping the security...” She said.


Smithey said the event is attracting eclipse goers and UFO enthusiasts alike. But she said to her, this eclipse isn't just "any eclipse."


"So many cosmic coincidences had to come into alignment for this area to not only be the best place to watch the eclipse- but to have the eclipse happen on the same day that this encounter happened." She said.


The Kelly Community Organization holds the festival in a park with a campground. Smithey said a metallic flying saucer is now permanently mounted in the park commemorating the alien legend. The Kelly Little Green Men Days festival will start on August 18 and run through the 21st.