Two Film-Makers Tell the Story of Cairo, Illinois in Their Documentary "Between Two Rivers"

Feb 17, 2012

Cairo, Illinois has seen boom and bust. It was a massive hub for river travel in the early 20th century and boasted a population some say up to 20 thousand, now it's a fraction of that size. Once beautiful buildings and homes that are still standing are now in disrepair, and the poverty level has sky rocketed. An industrial exodus and fall out from the civil rights movement are mostly to blame for the state of Cairo today. Two documentary film makers from England stumbled upon Cairo a little more than four years ago and have now finished the film called "Between Two Rivers." One of the film's two directors Jacob Cartwright joins Chad Lampe from Nottingham to talk about the film.

"Between Two Rivers" plays at Paducah's Maiden Alley Cinema on February 28th. Jacob Cartwright will also be on hand.