TVA Proposes Transmission Upgrades In Murray, KY And Paris, TN

Jun 7, 2018

Map of proposed transmission line improvements.

The Tennessee Valley Authority is considering improvements to the transmission system that runs between Murray, Kentucky, and Paris, Tennessee.

The estimated $18 million upgrades are an effort to provide power for the growing load and improve power reliability in these areas.


Spokesperson Scott Brooks said the project is necessary to meet expected growth and to provide for industries that choose to settle in those locations.


“We’re always looking to recruit new industries. And to be able to do that we need to be able to provide consistent, reliable power that would meet the demands of an industry that might come into an area,” Brooks said.


The project proposes the construction of 16 miles of transmission line starting in Murray and ending at a new Paris Board of Public Utilities substation in Eagle Creek, Tennessee.


TVA said they are attempting to minimize land requirements, private property impacts and environmental impacts associated with the project.


A public meeting is scheduled for June 21 in the CFSB Center.