TVA, Local Agencies to Conduct Emergency Exercise at Shawnee Fossil Plant

Jul 17, 2017


The Tennessee Valley Authority is conducting an exercise at the Shawnee Fossil Plant near Paducah on Wednesday to train for accidental ammonia leaks should any occur.

The emergency preparedness exercise is routine and includes local and state emergency response units. TVA spokesperson Scott Brooks said the plant is adding emissions controls on two of its units.

“All of our operating fossil plants that have emissions controls use anhydrous ammonia as part of the emissions equipment,” he said.

Brooks said anhydrous ammonia is only toxic to humans when airborne, and then, only in great amounts. He said a leak would probably produce just enough to be an irritant.

The Shawnee plant is 10 miles north of Paducah. Brooks said area fire departments, emergency management agencies and police are invited.

Sirens will activate at brief intervals during the exercise.