TVA Finalizes Plans For Future Coal Ash Storage At Shawnee Fossil Plant

Dec 4, 2017


  The Tennessee Valley Authority is constructing a new onsite dry storage area for coal ash and other coal combustion residuals at the Shawnee Fossil Plant in Paducah.

The plant’s current landfill is expected to reach capacity in 10 years. The TVA says it is proposing to build and operate a new coal combustion residuals, or CCR, landfill that will add another 20 years of storage capacity.


The landfill would also avoid increased traffic and safety risks associated with offsite transport.


The TVA says the plant will close the wet impoundment of coal ash storage by de-watering and installing a cover system that prevents rainfall from getting into the ash.


TVA expects CCR production at the plant is expected to increase with the addition of emissions controls on two units by the end of 2017.