TV Goes Digital Friday

Murray, KY – The television digital age starts this Friday. The official switch to D-T-V means Kentuckians who rely on free, over-the-air TV on older television sets need to have a digital converter box to continue their viewing habits. Reclaim the Media spokesman Jonathan Lawson says TV stations have been doing a good job explaining that the change is near. However, Lawson says the people who most depend on their old TVs are the ones least likely to know about the switch, or have the money to afford the cost of converter boxes.

"Free TV is a lifeline of public safety information and local news for a lot of people. That s more true for low-income folks, for seniors and for immigrants, than it is for any other group."

Several groups are offering D-T-V information events and clinics this week in Kentucky. A government website with details on how to hook up a converter box is available at