Tutu Criticizes Media Trends

Murray, KY – World renowned peace activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu delivered the Murray State Presidential Lecture last night in MSU's Regional Special Events Center. The Nobel Peace Prize recipient spoke to the media before his lecture, and urged the those present to focus more on positive stories, especially regarding young people.

"On the whole you've been lousy and the fact that almost always you have told stories about young people who have gone off the rails. Now, okay yeah, that's an interesting story. When you think of the incredible pressures to which young people today are exposed. What should surprise you is not that some of them go off the rails. What should surprise you is that so many of them don't."

Archbishop Tutu says he has a quote-schizophrenic attitude toward the media. While he is troubled with his view of the media's dependency on the negative. He was thankful for the international media during his efforts to end apartheid.