Trover Health System Joins Baptist Health

Nov 1, 2012


Trover Health System is now Baptist Health Madisonville. The name change is official Thursday as the healthcare provider joins the Louisville-based family of hospitals. Baptist Health Vice President of Planning and Development Andy Sears says it means the network now owns eight hospitals.

“They fill basically a gap in our geography. We own and operate the hospital in western Kentucky, Paducah; and we manage the hospital in Elizabethtown, so there’s a pretty good gap where we didn’t have any Baptist coverage," said Sears.

He adds the hospital merger will have a regional impact.

"Trover, of course, has the hospital in town, and the clinic, and then they have obviously other clinics, outlying clinics with physician practices," said Sears.  "And I think they are providing everything from fitness services to occupational health, diagnostics services in a lot of the outlying communities, and that’s all part of the merger."

Baptist Health Madisonville officials hope the move will increase the ability to recruit physicians, and improve facilities and technology access.

According to a press release put out by the Madisonville hospital, in 2010, one out of every six inpatients and one out of every eight outpatients in Kentucky received care at a Baptist Health hospital.