Triple Crown Possibilities

May 21, 2012

Excited talk on the possibility of a Triple Crown winner in thoroughbred racing resurfaced Saturday evening… just after ‘I’ll Have Another’ won the Preakness.  

Kentucky Thoroughbred Association Director David Switzer  says the champion’s Derby-Preakness wins have bolstered interest in the equine industry.   Still, Switzer realizes the third leg at Belmont is a tough race.

“Very grueling…very seldom, this is the only time will you see a horse that races three times in a period of five to six weeks..  after the Belmont…no matter what I’ll have another does..will probably not race again until August,” said Switzer.

Switzer says the jockey aboard ‘I’ll Have Another,’ Mario Gutierrez shouldn’t be considered a new comer.  For three years, Switzer says Guitierrez has been the leading rider at Hastings Park in Vancouver, Canada.  David Switzer says it’s a true test of a champion’s endurance…

“Now we’ve got another horse that did not run in the Preakness who’s had the rest…actually five weeks of rest… in Dullahan… who finished third in the Derby who was closing very fast as was I’ll Have he’s gonna have that horse at least to contend with,” added Switzer.

Switzer says ‘Union Rags’, another well-rested Derby favorite, will also be at Belmont.