Trigg Looks at Alcohol Ordinance

Cadiz, KY – Trigg County officials are already hard at work drafting an alcohol ordinance a day after citizens voted to repeal prohibition in their county. Judge-Executive Stan Humphries says his office has been consulting with the state Alcoholic Beverage Control board and looking at ordinances from other wet counties to develop a plan. Humphries says so far, he can't say what the Trigg ordinance will allow.

"There's a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of those questions have not been posed yet because this is all new to us. Y'know the last time I guess you could officially, legally sell alcohol in Trigg County was in 1906."

Overall, Humphries hopes the measure will strike a balance between bringing revenue into the community and keeping the county's family-friendly atmosphere. The administration has a 60 - 90 day window in which to bring a draft ordinance before the fiscal court. Humphries says a law could be on the books by January 2010.