Trigg in Limbo as JCI holds on to building

Cadiz, KY – Long-time employer Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) let its final wave of workers go last month, leaving Trigg County with a 15 percent unemployment rate. Carrie Pond reports on what's on the horizon for the small community.


Trigg County Judge Executive Stan Humphries initially hoped to recruit industry to fill the sprawling JCI building. Those plans have now slowed, because the company plans to use the building for storage. Humphries says because the auto parts manufacturer hasn't indicated how long they'll maintain ownership of the site the county is unable to market it to potential employers. This hasn't stopped county officials from pursuing other industries. Humphries says the marketing initiative with Christian and Todd counties "Almost Nashville" has garnered a few nibbles from prospective industry.

"We've had a lot of inquiries about the possibilities, and we feel that when the time comes and the economy gets better that we'll be ready to move forward and be attractive to lots of businesses that are looking to relocate particularly to this mid-South part of the country."

Humphries says he's confident the county's proximity to interstate-24 and the presence of industrial parks with utilities already on site will be a draw for businesses.