Trigg County Explores Nuisance Ordinance

Apr 26, 2013

Credit Author: Eirian Evans, via Wikimedia Commons

The Trigg County Fiscal Court may adopt a new county-wide nuisance ordinance, similar to the one recently updated by the Cadiz City Council. Trigg residents discussed a county-wide ordinance at a recent fiscal court meeting. The ordinance  would be geared toward eliminating abandoned houses and other eyesores like rusty cars and boats.

Trigg County Judge Executive Hollis Alexander says the fiscal court is begin cautious while deliberating options. “We don’t want it loose enough that it doesn’t mean anything but at the same time we don’t want to make it, make a severe impact on everyone in the county at one time,” said Alexander.

Alexander says he isn’t sure the county needs an ordinance but he’ll continue to research ordinances adopted by other counties before moving forward with discussions for an ordinance in Trigg County.