Trigg County To Amend Alcohol Ordinance In Accordance With State Regulations

Sep 16, 2013

Credit iStockPhoto

The Trigg County Fiscal Court is in talks to amend its alcohol ordinance. Trigg County Judge Executive Hollis Alexander said the amendments come as the state changed regulations on July 25th. Alexander said the changes are mostly administrative but do include allowing Election Day sales and synchronizing city and county license renewal dates.

“In the past, sometimes you had a county that had a renewal date and then the city had a different renewal date and they’re getting those all on-line by county and in-line with each other," said Alexander.

Alexander said the state also condensed the different types of alcohol licenses available from the ABC from 88 to 44 in order to simplify the application process.

The county has until December 11th to update the ordinance. Alexander is optimistic the Fiscal Court can have something prepared by the end of October.