Trigg Co. Individual Precincts Debate

Cadiz, KY – In light of Trigg County's vote to end prohibition, a debate ensues over whether an individual voting precinct can revert back to a dry status. Both the Commonwealth's Alcoholic Beverage Control and Board of Elections hold inconsistent positions. Judge Executive Stan Humphries says both state agencies cite court cases to back cases.

"If someone wants to file a petition and get an election going, we would more than likely get a declaratory judgment from probably a circuit judge to determine whether or not it was legal and actually interpret the statutes for us on a local basis."

Humphries says according to the ABC, individual precincts can petition for a dry status, but that stance conflicts with the Board of Elections position that the petition must be county-wide. Humphries is currently working with county magistrates to implement an ordinance to regulate the sale of alcohol in Trigg County, which he expects to be in place by the start of next year.