Trey Grayson Reports Fundraising

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson says he has raised more than 600-thousand dollars toward a possible run for U-S Senate next year. Grayson is positioning himself to seek the G-O-P nomination second-term Republican Jim Bunning pulls out of the race. Western Kentucky University Political Science Professor Scott Lasley says time is the only factor affecting Grayson's Senate aspirations.

"Clearly I think Trey Grayson wants to get in as soon as possible. The trick is how can he get in if Bunning's still in. So he's walking a political tight-rope. The best case scenario for Grayson is for Bunning to get out as soon as possible."

Bunning has said if his funding numbers don't improve, he will withdraw. Another G-O-P hopeful has released second quarter fundraising totals. Bowling Green doctor Rand Paul announced last week he has raised more than a hundred thousand dollars.