Transportation Officials Respond to Winter Roadways

Murray, KY – A state transportation official says the response to inclement weather has hit few snags today. Public Information Officer for Kentucky's Transportation Cabinet says last night's precipitation mostly consisted of sleet. He says sleet is better than freezing rain, which often causes downed power lines or trees. The sleet did bring with it a minor setback.

"The problem is, when we get ice like that, It takes a lot more salt to get it to break loose from the roadways. So we have used up quite a bit of salt, and we've been having to haul salt to some of the smaller counties that don't have as much storage space to make sure they have plenty of supplies to go into the night tonight."

Todd says this evening temperatures could get back down to the mid- to low-twenties before warming up, making freezing rain a possibility. He reminds drivers to stay alert on the wintry roadways.