Tournament Kickoff

Murray, KY – Today marks the official kickoff of the FLW Outdoors Fishing Tournament. Three hundred Professional anglers are out on Kentucky Lake for the four day competition. Murray is the site for this year's catch weigh-ins and city officials expect fans to be out in force. Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lance Allison says fishing tournaments represent 35-billion dollars in annual spending in the US.

If you just figure that you're going to have three hundred fishermen. Let's say you have seven, eight hundred people associated with that fishermen and their families and friends, that sort of thing. You can do some rough math in your head of people are gonna eat, they're gonna buy some groceries, they're gonna do these things. So you can come up with a pretty large number, pretty quick.

Benton based FLW Outdoors is the world's largest competitive angling organization. The tournament culminates this Saturday and Sunday with events at Murray State University's Regional Special Events Center.